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INTRODUCING: Allen & Heath AVANTIS Presets!

We're so excited to offer you this incredible collection of our personal Allen & Heath Avantis presets specifically for church audio.

This is a collection we've been working on for years and now it's finally here to revolutionize your church's live mix or broadcast/livestream mix!

Inside, you'll find our collection of custom crafted presets that just WORK. They've been refined through years of use in professional environments. They've been our secret weapon for getting amazing mixes quickly, and now it's time for you to have that same power!

These presets cover every instrument/vocal in your mix and will work with a huge variety of source tones. Unlike other presets, these presets weren't made for one specific church or system. They're designed to work with every system and can be seamlessly integrated in to any live or broadcast mix workflow.

And... they sound amazing ;)


A complete custom Avantis show profile:

This show profile is has been developed to be the perfect template for church audio.

Just patch your inputs and listen to how amazing it sounds! 

We've designed this show from the ground up to sound great on any system and to make your livestream sound amazing. 

This show profile is fully featured with full drum, bass, tracks, guitars, keys, vocals, and speaking processing already set up as well as groups, DCAs, effects and more.

Whether you're setting up your new console or you want an amazing template to build off each week, this show will be perfect for you.

Hundreds of presets for your console:

We created EQ, compression, gate, and effects presets for every instrument in your mix, including different options for different styles.

These are the perfect starting point for every instrument in your mix

 Need a huge snare drum? There are EQ and compression presets for that.

Want crystal clear vocals? There are EQ, compression, and reverb presets to make it happen. 

We've designed presets specifically with modern worship tones in mind to give you the power and flexibility to simply load up a preset and have amazing sound. 


Nope! We designed this as a fully featured set of presets without requiring the DEEP package, but if you do have it... we have additional presets just for you! We have almost 100 additional presets specifically for the DEEP package including every one of the compression modules. 

If you invested in the DEEP package, this will massively speed up your workflow!


For this incredibly special package, we're giving you some huge bonuses including:

The "EQ & Compression Formula" eBook which is packed with almost 50 pages of tips, tricks, and secrets for using EQ and Compression effectively in your mix. ($29 value)

The "70 EQ Tips eBook" which contains 70 of our all times best EQ hacks to get your mix going fast! ($19 value)

And last but not least: 

You're getting ALL of our legendary Cheat Sheet PDFs! This includes our EQ Cheat Sheet, Compression Cheat Sheet, and Reverb Cheat Sheet that you can print out (or download on your device) and keep as references as you're mixing! ($39 value)