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Learn Everything About EQ

This online course will teach you everything you've ever wanted to learn about EQ for live sound.

Parametric, Graphic, Dynamic, Digital, Analog Modeled... it's ALL here, and you're going to learn the best ways to use every type of EQ so you'll never feel stuck on EQ or limited by your options. You'll be fully confident in the EQ choices you're making each and every time you mix!

Learn more about this course here: https://worshipsoundguy.com/eq-secrets-masterclass/

Develop Your Ear

One of the most overlooked skills for audio engineers is simply developing and refining your listening skills. That's why we're dedicating an entire section of this course to training your ears to instantly zero in on problem frequencies and other EQ issues in your mix.

Mix Faster And Easier

What if you could get a mix dialed in and sounding amazing in half the time it usually takes? Whether it's dialing in EQ for a new vocalist or musician, or fixing a problem in your mix, speed is your best friend when it comes to dialing in EQ. That's why we've developed a simple, repeatable process that will help you get the sounds you want in less time that you ever thought possible!